Cancer Is a Word, Not a Sentence.

Cancer Toolkit

Don’t let cancer control you; instead, find alternative strategies to combat it. Get in touch with us to find out how we can assist you in overcoming this disease in the simplest way possible.

The National Cancer Intelligence Network

Our website adheres to The National Cancer Intelligence Network’s rules, established in 2008. Following the Health and Social Care Act of 2012, the network’s affiliation with Public Health England is intended to promote advancements in treatment practice and care quality.

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Secondary Care Diagnostic Interval

We employ the Secondary Care Diagnostic Interval, which is the number of days between a patient’s initial confrontation with specialty care and the date of their identification.


COSD Reporting Portal

We use The Cancer Outcome and Services Dataset, a reporting tool that makes it simple to report cancer and maintain a record of it.


Cancer Alliance Reporting

To organize cancer care and enhance therapies, Cancer Alliance Reporting can bring together several important organisations and administrative leaders with the help of a single reporting system.


Radiotherapy Delivery

Learn about the many types of radiotherapy and how they are administered to stop the spread of cancer and lengthen patients’ lives by eliminating cancer cells.

Why Choose Us

Cancer is deadly if not caught early, but with the appropriate knowledge and advice, you can find strategies to fight the disease. Check out the reasons why we think you should choose us!

Promoting Efficient And Effective Data Collection

Because we support efficient data collecting, it's simple to obtain information on cancer and the people who have it because it's readily available.

Providing Cancer Datasets

The cancer datasets that are accessible through our platform are created to offer a standardised method for reporting cancer coupled with histopathological evidence.

Producing Expert Analyses

To improve your life and how you live, we offer professional and expert analyses that will help you learn more about the early indications of cancer, its various forms, and its treatments.

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"The valuable cancer-related services they offer have my full satisfaction. Their professionalism and the knowledge they
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illness and how to deal with it."

James F. Dickerman

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Interpreting geographic variation in cancer stage!

Learn the number of active cases and cancer survivors in your region. Give us a call so we can provide you with all the information you need to
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